CREDIR, the NGO that fights against human exhaustion, has created an entity dedicated to the world of high-level sport: there is so much to do… 


Lifting taboos, freeing words, providing support

Lifting taboos, freeing words, providing support.

Until now, it has been easy to talk about career obstacles caused by failures in competition or physical injuries. But the issues of doubts, suffering and psychological blockages, or even burn-out or depression often remained taboo. 

CREDIR Sport is an entity of the NGO CREDIR. It draws on 10 years of research and development around exhaustion and #GQL (Global Quality of Life) to support those who have made sport their profession. Over thepast decade, CREDIR has often crossed paths with professional athletes and coaches who have developed a keen understanding of the psychological issues involved. 


After its launch in 2021, CREDIR SPORT is setting up several schemes to help professional athletes. The objectives of the founders of CREDIR SPORT is to ensure that these athletes are never again alone in the face of difficulties that they sometimes find difficult to confide in their sports structures or to their loved ones. 

Psychological suffering is as much a part of the professional athlete’s life as physical injury.

Don’t stay alone anymore. 

THE CREDIR HOTLINE: Caring and interdisciplinary peers at your service 

📞 +33 7 68 79 36 19

Our mission: to support those who have made sport their profession

Not a day goes by without a professional athlete suffering or in trouble speaking out: Ashleigh Barty, Neymar Jr, Mardy Fish, Kevin Rolland, Michael Phelps, Naomi Osaka, Simone Biles… 

When CREDIR SPORT was launched in mid-2021, the team’s athletes could feel the pressure cooker… but it was impossible to predict that so many words would be released simultaneously. 

Until now, it was easy to talk about career obstacles caused by competition failures or physical injuries. But the question of psychological suffering and blockages often remained taboo. 

A team is mobilized

Marion Rolland Presiden
World Ski Champion, gold medalist at the 2013 Vancouver Olympics.

Yannick Behr General Delegate
Former technical manager at the French Basketball Federation. 

Romain Heinrich Ambassador
Captain of the French Bobsleigh team at the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games.

Interdisciplinary support should not only be the privilege of the best supported prestigious athletes, with a personal staff or a team/federation with large resources. The construction of a good Global Quality of Life, #GQL, a concept initiated by CREDIR in 2018, with Health, Quality of Life at Work, and Quality of Life Outside of Work, must be known by all athletes. CREDIR Sport will work on this with research, training and information for the sports community. 

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