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Speakers who are also "Peers" and who supervise / coach the participants during the « check-up training session » as well as coaching teams in companies

Many CREDIR speakers have experienced difficulties in their professional or personal lives. They then managed to bounce back. Everyone knows that this is not easy. So, they now want to give back by helping those who are going through or will go through transition time filled with challenges and unknown factors. They are involved in training sessions, in companies, in research or in managing the training session process 

Jean-Denis Budin
President of CREDIR Research Institute

Jean-Denis’ research work at Paris Dauphine on “Key Success Factors in Failure” is at the origin of CREDIR. During these years of research, Jean-Denis BUDIN studied the methods of taking care of high-level athletes when they are injured or when they have to train for the next competition. The CREDIR is a transposition of these approaches for the use of professionals, especially for those who are facing professional or personal transitions. 

Anne Pinchart
President of CREDIR Training 

After studying business, Anne worked in a large American bank; for 20 years, she held various positions before being appointed Director of Credits and member of the Board of Directors. Just before the 2008 crisis, she was fired. She then returned to teaching in Business Schools. At the same time, she resumed her studies to obtain a Master’s degree in Business Coaching and actively participated in the start-up of Credir. She is regularly involved as a peer. Since April 2017, Anne has taken up a position as Credit Manager for a Belgian bank.

Dominique Brunissen
President of CREDIR Transition. ​

Dominique Brunissen is a Change Management Consultant. Starting very early in the world of business services, Dominique Brunissen first managed a subsidiary of IBM. Then in 1993, he created his first consulting firm, VF Consult, around the transformation (including digital) of organizations. In 2017, he co-founded « SAS CERVEAU 2 », which combines his consulting activities with those of 3 friends and colleagues to develop the concept of “Global Mentoring”. He has also participated in the birth and development of CREDIR since its origin.