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I am a company and wish to contribute to the actions of CREDIR

How to support research 

CREDIR Research Institute brings together researchers, academics or practitioners, on interdisciplinary collaborative projects related to the optimization of professional performance, and more broadly on the fight against exhaustion and the improvement of the Global Quality of Life (#GQL). 

Many topics require the integration of medical (physical and psychological), sports, managerial, and other approaches. 

The CREDIR center was born from the thesis in management sciences, in Paris Dauphine, of an experienced company manager (2012), with a strong interdisciplinary knowledge. This thesis and the work of CREDIR since June 2013 demonstrate the effectiveness of qualitative research, especially of practitioners. With a small number of converging interviews, compelling scientific demonstrations can be produced (thanks to the principle of saturation, e.g. Eisenhardt, 1989). 

The companies supporting our research are regularly mentioned and highlighted in our communications. 

How to support the actions of CREDIR 

Sponsorship actions  with cash, services or materials may be considered to help CREDIR in its actions. 

The companies supporting CREDIR are regularly mentioned and highlighted in our communications. 

To suggest employees for skills sponsorship 

In relation to the above points  

“I am an individual and I am interested in helping CREDIRCompanies practicing skills sponsorship can provide CREDIR with resources. It enables their employees to give meaning to their commitment and CREDIR to benefit from the know-how  and expertise of the people involved in sponsorship. 

How can I donate to CREDIR? 

Credir is a non-profit organisation authorized to receive donations. These donations are therefore tax-free and help us to welcome people in great difficulty.

CREDIR needs you to welcome more and more people in rebound, exhaustion and burnout.